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Meet the 9b Team

Updated: May 21, 2021

Our team combines skills in data analytics, finance, internal audit,

communications, and design to create a user-friendly software service experience. We all work together to bring you the answers that you need, checking in with you along the way.

Nathan Pickard,

Founder and CEO

While working as an internal auditor, Nathan was tasked with incorporating data analytics into internal audit planning. Data analytics became a huge part of his work over the next several years, but the initial frustrations he experienced in this process stuck with him.

Nathan realized the need for good data analytics to be accomplished using agile methodologies. He started 9b to help organizations who were struggling to achieve this. Nathan also established 9b as a benefit corporation to better the community and serve as a model for other benefit corporations in town.

"I saw a need for these projects to be focused on the user and what they need, not on trying to be fancy and then failing to deliver for the customer." - Nathan Pickard

David Paddock, cto

A developer by trade, David is behind 9b’s product development. He maps out databases and creates blueprints to build the structure for 9b products. David keeps all the coding and data analytics running smoothly behind the scenes. For David, developing these software products is a way for him to build something tangible in a digital world.

David Osborn, COO

David learned data analytics during his time working at public accounting firms and an investment bank. Now, he loves being able to help organizations get more out of their data and giving them a sense of autonomy when it comes to data analytics. David is proud to see 9b’s work become such an important part of clients’ organizations.

"Ultimately clients won’t remember the cost of the product, they’ll remember how it transformed their work." - David Osborn

Molly Pickard, communications manager

As the technical writer for 9b’s projects, Molly is charged with client communication, making sure they have all the information they need to understand and use the tools we build for them. She enjoys calming any fear clients may have around terms like data analytics, business intelligence, and API automation.

David Connolly, Director of Art & design

Since working at 9b, David has realized that data is only as useful as the tools that make sense of it. To deliver the valuable information clients need from their data, he helps with data analysis visualization as well as print and digital design. David’s visuals create a clearer picture of an organization's performance.

Arianna Pickard, Developer

While working as a journalist, Arianna saw first-hand the need for data to be translated into something meaningful. It was clear from the systems that she covered as a reporter that organizations could be doing more with this valuable data. At 9b, Arianna specializes in retrieving such data to help deliver transformative information to clients.

"It's great to see clients' excitement when they realize it is in fact possible to put their data to use."- Arianna Pickard

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