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9b FAQ's

Updated: May 21, 2021

Many of today's organizations are bursting at the seams with data about internal affairs, customer information, and surrounding communities. It's how these organizations use their data that can set them apart. 9b seeks to empower organizations through powerful data analytics that reveal inefficiencies and inform plans for success.

What does 9b do?

Put simply, we do data analytics. We know there’s a big push to integrate data analytics into your audit and other business processes, and we make it easy.

9b takes the data from your existing system and uses agile analytics to analyze every last line. Our data analytics tools bring clarity and direction to internal auditors, finance executives, and nonprofit leaders alike, allowing them to confidently make decisions and improvements that keep their organization in top shape.

How does it work?

1. We spend time listening to you discuss your pain points and tailor our product and process to them.

2. We analyze the data you have in your system to get to the bottom of your concerns.

3. We convert all of that information into a dashboard that makes sense and saves time.

why choose 9b?

We've been in your shoes. Our first-hand experience in internal audit and finance departments inspired our data-driven intelligence services, brought to life by expert data scientists. As a benefit corporation, we also know how important data can be to the health of the community and the nonprofits within it.

We are focused on your data needs. We aren’t interested in over-complicating this process for the sake of being fancy. We work with you in real-time, bringing you clear answers to your questions and offering you suggestions for the future.

Every business owner wants their organization to function at its best. With our data analytics, we can tell you if and when that is the case, and how to get there.

Can 9b Help my Organization?

9b has enjoyed helping organizations of all shapes and sizes, from for-profit organizations to municipalities to nonprofits, with varying data needs. We want to help your organization thrive, whether you have data analysis experience or no data knowledge at all.

Check out some of our clients:

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